10 Reasons to Buy Property in Spain

10 Reasons to Buy Property in Spain


Expatriates from around the world have chosen to buy property in Spain for a long time, the population of foreign residents is now more than 4.5 million!

If you are think of moving abroad, retiring or just looking for a holiday home, then here are our 10 reason why Spain could be the place for you.


1.The weather

Comparing it to days upon days of rain, Spain is certainly a great place to live! With sunshine and a warmer climate it is difficult not to love. Imagine waking up almost every day with the sun gleaming through your windows… taking a walk with the rays of the sun on your face.. A great choice would be somewhere near the sea and also close to mountains, Mallorca for instance has it all. Beauty at its best.



2. Living costs

The general costs of living of more favourable compared to Western Europe, when it comes to paying for food, petrol, and of course if you like to have the occasional drink, alcohol is far cheaper too. This mean that if you decide to retire in Spain one day, you can live an easier life.


3. Relaxed life

It is true what you may have heard if you have not visited Spain, the locals and the Spanish live a more relaxed life, with siestas in the middle of the day, the Spanish take an easier approach to life. Except of course for some of the cities but general there is not too much panic about doing something today. They take the mañana approach to life, why worry.. relax and enjoy life in Spain.


4. Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Spain is so diverse with an amazing range of outdoor activities! Whether you just prefer to take a walk.. down to the beach or up in the country side, there are many mountains if you feel like hiking. Whatever your interest, sailing, cycling, playing golf, even skiing in the Pyrenees … all is possible to suit your taste or to take up something new!


5. Family

How great would it be to take your children to the beach, the park, walking, hiking, visiting the tourist attractions, waterparks, taking boat trips whenever you like. How amazing would it be for your children to grow up speaking more than one language? Can you imagine how much of a great start in life that would be for their future? Spain just has to be one of the best places to bring up a family.77



6. Festivities and Fiestas

Living in Spain certainly has it´s perks, with their many fiestas as a part of ´normal´ life. San Joan, 3 Kings, Medieval fiestas, are just but a few, but they are so spectacular, no fiestas in Western Europe can quite compare to the Spanish street parties.


7. Health Care System

Spain´s health care system is ranked among the best in the world. There are university hospitals set up in many parts of Spain and it has a great reputation. Facilities you will find are modern, staff are well trained, clean, and waiting lists for treatment are short.


8. Beautiful surroundings

Spain is full of secluded coves, beautiful beaches, green countryside and stunning mountains, from the south of Spain, the Balearics, to the north. A remarkable country.


9. Food and drink

Many different parts of Spain have a unique Mediterranean taste. Dinner is definitely one of the most important parts of the day, as it is to be enjoyed by all. Spanish families gather together and eat and talk till late, the food is much more than paella and tortilla as there is quite a variation from region to region.


10. Property prices

There are lots of affordable property prices throughout Spain compared to those in UK and Ireland. Especially if you are looking to settle or just buy a home from home, Spain is an amazing place to escape to when you need a holiday, to rest and enjoy life.

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