We Welcome Solution Point Mallorca! Our New Real Estates United Member!

Yet again Real Estates United grows once more!

Today we officially welcome Solution Point Mallorca!!

Solution Point are looking forward to collaborating with all our agents and sponsors! By visiting Solution Point you then have access to all our members properties! Each collaboration, if Solution Point don´t have your property, one of our members will! Making it easier for the public by visiting just one estate agent and finding your dream home in Mallorca!

Solution Point speak English, Spanish and German. They are based in LLoseta, Mallorca and headed by Julie Rath (pictured below).

Here is the their company description:

We offer to give you all kinds of solutions related to your home. We want to invite you to the dream on the beautiful island of Mallorca, taking away your worries and concerns. We not only sell or rent, we also help you with our experience before, during and after the acquisition of your property.


Nos ofrecemos a darle todo tipo de soluciones relacionadas con su vivienda. Queremos invitarle a soñar en la hermosa isla de Mallorca, sin preocupaciones para usted. No solo vendemos o alquilamos, le ayudamos con nuestra experiencia antes, durante y después de la adquisición de su propiedad.

View Solution Point´s contact details on our REU Agents Page!




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